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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution for Schools, Colleges, and Academies

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 The electric vehicle landscape is quickly transforming as technology and consumer interest evolve. In the coming years, we will see many more EVs take to the roads. In the United Kingdom, electric vehicle sales have increased in the last few years, and currently, there are about 477,770 electric cars on the roads in the country.

With this upsurge, many educational institutes in London and Surrey have been working on introducing electric vehicle charging stations on campus. EV chargers can help students and staff members in many ways and are becoming increasingly important, particularly in schools and colleges, where many students and faculty members commute via their own personal automobiles.  

An EV car charger will give you an edge over other institutes if your school or university is proactively striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and considering the prospective needs of students, employees, and visitors.

If you are on the fence about installing electric chargers at your institute, we will help make the decision easier. In this article, we’ll discuss the government’s role in promoting electric vehicles and the benefits you can get from having electric charging stations at your institute.


The UK Government’s Role in Promoting Electric Vehicles

With an official Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and an electrification strategy known as the Road to Zero approach, the United Kingdom is among the few nations with a complete electrification policy. A voucher-based service called the Workplace Chargepoint Grant covers the costs associated with acquiring and implementing EV charging stations at public institutes. The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme (WCS) has also been expanded to include public sector organisations.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, electric vehicle sales in the UK increased by 132% in 2020. Based on the most recent vehicle statistics, EV car sales surged by 76.3% in 2021.

When it comes to the educational sector, almost 50,000 EV charging points are anticipated to be deployed at institutions such as colleges and universities by the end of 2022, making the education sector a key player in the EV charging infrastructure deployment. Public schools will be able to market their EV charging capabilities by making them available to the community.


What Are The Benefits Of Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers?


1.   Eligibility for Financial Incentives

Installing EV charging stations can help schools generate income that can be used to support other educational activities. Public schools can seek subsidies and incentives from the government to reduce the initial setup cost.

In London, electric vehicles do not incur traffic or Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ fees, and parking is sometimes free. Grants are available for home and office chargers to simplify the changeover. The most common is the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme (WCS), which provides a voucher-based system for organisations to reap the benefits of EV chargers.

Moreover, educational institutions may be eligible for full or partial financing for on-campus charging of electric vehicles due to such EV incentives. Hence, if you are considering employing an EV charging solution for your school, college, or university, it is worth checking out the grant available for educational institutes in London and Surrey.

If your charging stations are used by staff members and fleet cars, you might be entitled to receive OZEV funding. You can receive £350 for every charging socket, up to 40 sockets. This means that you will be eligible for £14,000 if you install 40 sockets across the educational institute.  


2.   Convenience For Students, Staff Members, and Visitors

One of the main advantages of having EV chargers at your school is the ease with which your employees, students, and visitors may charge their vehicles. A major concern with EVs is associated with their range. Range refers to the distance an EV can cover on a single charge.

Some people with electric vehicles have range anxiety, which means they fear their vehicle’s battery won’t have sufficient charge to get them to reach their destination. This anxiety can kick in when embarking on a long trip or if the EV owner forgets to charge their vehicle. Students and staff driving to your institute may occasionally experience range anxiety. You can address their concerns by installing an EV charging station on campus. 


3.   Reduced Carbon Footprint

EVs are generally fantastic for the environment and are getting better all the time, despite some concerns over the viability of battery manufacturing. Experts state that electric vehicles emit less carbon over the entire course of their lifetime than conventional combustion engine vehicles. As a result, setting up charging stations for EVs represents one of the environmentally-friendly suggestions for universities that wish to show their dedication to sustainability.

Universities are boosting campus sustainability initiatives to cut emissions and improve public health. By building charging stations, you make it feasible for students, faculty members, and visitors to drive their electric vehicles to campus. Sustainability is also encouraged as your campus life converts from gas to electricity.


4.   Attracting Students and Educators 

A college or university’s core comprises its students and faculty. Candidates consider all facets of an institution, including environmental initiatives and working conveniences. Charging stations fall under this important consideration.

The availability of sophisticated charging stations on campus that allows commuters to charge their vehicles during classes or campus events may be the deciding factor in a student’s decision between two universities. In fact, as per a survey, 75% of candidates claimed that the environmental effect of an institution would affect their choice to apply or enrol.

With 7.73% of university-owned vehicles driving only on electricity, these institutes are undoubtedly doing their part to promote the use of EVs. Royal Holloway, University of East London, and London Holly brook University are some of the renowned universities in London that commonly use EV chargers.

Moreover, EV charging stations have been set up on the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus to promote more ecologically-friendly transportation. In the Harrow Campus parking lot, six charging stations operate entirely on renewable energy. The installation encourages staff and students to drive more responsibly and utilise renewable energy to recharge their cars to support sustainable development goals.


5.   Catering to Communities

Universities and colleges rarely close, even during student vacations. Various activities are held on college campuses yearly, including celebrations, conferences, operas, plays, sports, and more. Naturally, you would prefer a college that serves as a community centre, to have space for everyone, even EV drivers.

EV chargers on campuses can be installed in a prominent, accessible area. The chargers can be made available to everyone in the community, not just students and staff. The main benefit of positioning your EV chargers in accessible public spaces is the possibility of significant revenue generation. So, your campus in London will not just be a diverse place for all communities, but you can earn well too.


Final Thoughts

It makes perfect sense for universities and schools to provide EV charging to their pupils, guests, administration, and staff because the education sector serves as the centre of innovative thinking and creativity. Due to rising petrol prices and environmental issues, the market for electric vehicles will expand. In addition, the field of education can take advantage of the rising popularity of ecologically responsible transportation to start new, ground-breaking research on sustainable and electric transit options. 

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