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Is Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger at Home Worth It or Should You Rely on Public Charging Stations?

An electric vehicle

Owning an electric car is a wise choice. Electric vehicles (EVs) are much more efficient in terms of their fuel (electricity) to power conversion than gasoline-powered cars. They are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and environment-friendly. However, as an EV owner, you know that charging can be an issue with these vehicles as they need to be charged every two days or so, depending on your driving habits.  

Fortunately, a growing number of charging stations are being built in strategic areas surrounding major cities like London and Surrey as the EV industry in the United Kingdom expands. However, is relying on public charging stations a rational decision?  

Generally, public charging stations will charge a fee. Most network quick chargers cost 44p/kWh, which comes to £11 for 30 minutes of charging. The amount can quickly increase if you regularly charge your vehicle. 

It might be worth installing an electric vehicle charger at your home to avoid paying a hefty fee at a public charging point. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits you can get from installing an EV charger at home. We will also provide information about EV home charging solutions available to consumers in London and Surrey. 

Advantages of Setting up An EV Charger At Home 

1.   Reduces Charging Costs

A home charging station for electric vehicles can help you save money, ensure that your battery is always completely charged, and substantially simplify your life. You won’t need to worry about driving to a charging station regularly. In fact, you will only need to charge your vehicle in public sometimes. 

On average, buying a home charging point can result in an annual savings of £492. You’ll break even on your charger in about two years. In this economy, these savings are unquestionably worthwhile. 

It’s simple to acquire your reasonably priced home charging station. Installing an electric vehicle charging station on your house can cost £800 to £1,200, depending on your chosen charger. When you can charge on your own time without being concerned about locating a space to plug in your vehicle, the entire experience of driving an EV improves significantly. 

Regular pricing is another factor to consider. Electricity rates don’t often change, so you can determine your utility charges rate at a particular time and calculate the total cost of charging your vehicle. Public charging points are too new to determine whether their price will remain sturdy or increase during peak times, like weekends.

Installing your home charger requires hiring a certified business with OZEV grant approval, particularly if you buy a Level 2 charger. Do your homework in advance, as the price for a household charger installation service can fluctuate. 

The UK government promotes the use of electric vehicles and the construction of private charging stations in houses due to their significant environmental advantages. You may qualify for a grant underneath the OLEV EV Home charge Scheme (EVHS) of approximately 75% of the cost, with a maximum payment of £350, if you:

  • Own a vehicle that has received OLEV approval
  • Have off-street parking for the installation of EV chargers
  • Select an OLEV-authorised installer to complete the installation
  • Possess charging stations with smart technologies.

2.   Saves Time and Reduces Range Anxiety

Home EV chargers are quicker and more affordable than public charging stations. You won’t have to worry about waiting for your turn to plug your EV into a charging point. You can charge your vehicle at your convenience easily. When preparing to charge at public stations, you must account for both the waiting time and the charging time ahead, which creates a lot of hassle.

3.   Increases the Value for Your House 

EV charging stations provide savings and add value to your home. A house with an integrated EV charger is desirable as more current and future homeowners look to transition to EVs. Considering the rising need for EV chargers, investing in one can boost your home’s resale value and enhance its appeal to potential purchasers. This improved value may let you recoup your initial charger purchase costs when you sell your home.

4.   Lowers Battery Health

Although public charging stations are usually considered safe, they feature Level 3 fast-charging stations. Regularly charging your EV at these stations could deteriorate your car’s battery.

Lithium-ion batteries, used in electric vehicles, are sensitive to high temperatures. Slow chargers produce minimal heat, while fast charging generates an excessive quantity of heat that could shorten the length of the battery’s life.

Hence, if you want to prolong your battery life and ensure that your electric vehicle continues to run for years to come, it’s recommended to use only quick charging stations periodically and adhere to an at-home charger for most of your charging requirements.

Types of Home EV Chargers and Installation Process

Several home EV charging solutions are available today. For instance, the Andersen OLEV-approved A2 Car charger is a great option if you have a sense of detail and want to disguise your car charger. It has many cutting-edge features, but those come with a hefty price tag. The Anderson A2 charger comes in various colours to blend in with its environment and neatly encloses the ultra-light charger lead. 

If a three-phase supply is present in your home, it can also link to that for a 22KW quick charge in addition to a conventional 7KW supply. You can monitor both the status of your vehicle’s charging and its energy usage with the Konnect 2.0 Smart app.

The EO charger is another option. Due to its popularity and compact size, this device is perfect for installing in front of old houses. The socket version is the most common, even though a tethered version is also offered. The majority of modern cars will fit this type 2 socket. 

The EO charger, now available in silver, black, or white, can be linked to either a 3.6KW or a 7.2KW source. The device is OLEV-approved, comes with a three-year extensive manufacturer’s warranty, and was made in the UK.

We also have a Rolec smart EV charger. This is the more intelligent, eco-friendly, and affordable method of charging your EV at home. The energy-charging app that comes with these chargers efficiently harvests off-peak pricing and immediately integrates any household energy tariff.

The Easee charger, which was created in Norway, is another well-known model. You have access to several intelligent features with the Easee app. You only need to plug in and start charging immediately, or you may schedule your car to charge at specified times, like when your electricity costs are lowest. Although this charger is compact and subtle, it nonetheless offers a full range of power up to 22KW.

We are also equipped to provide Tesla car chargers. A lead that is attached to this charger is between 2.5 and 7.5 meters long. Compared to other car chargers, this one has the particular advantage of being able to communicate with the automobile for remote diagnostics.

One of the latest chargers to our collection is the Ohme Home tethered type 2 charger. It features an interactive screen that displays useful charging information. The Ohme charger supports all mainstream cars. However, it can only integrate data from Jaguar, Tesla, Renault, BMW, and Nissan. This unit is recommended for properties where the main unit cannot be upgraded to 80/100 amps.

Final Thoughts

Recharging your EV at home offers you more freedom, and, once installed, you will acquire generous cost savings by not using public charging stations regularly. You can plug in at home whenever it’s convenient for you. Most consumers prefer plugging their EVs overnight. Thus, the day can always begin with a full charge. Additionally, you may schedule charging times for when electricity is lowest by using an app that comes with the vehicle or one offered by more advanced chargers. 

If you need someone to install EV chargers in your house, you should contact Elite Vehicle Chargers. Our highly skilled engineers will visit your property and ensure the best chargers are installed efficiently. Our contractors have many years of experience installing car chargers, and during the free home inspection, we will recommend the best options available.

We deliver and fit most of the chargers offered on the UK market. Our chargers are simple to operate, and we also help with grant funding applications. Visit our website right away to request a quote!