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The Future of Mobility is Electric – Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions for Hotels

An electric vehicle

The market for electric vehicles is rapidly changing due to advances in technology and consumer demand. Many more electric vehicles will be on the roads in the upcoming years. Sales of electric vehicles have surged recently in the United Kingdom. Approximately 477,770 electric vehicles are currently driving on the roadways. By 2035, internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles will make up a minority of the cars sold in Europe. Consumers worldwide are already selecting EVs instead of ICEs when purchasing a brand-new car, even though we are still approximately a few years away from this legal prohibition.

A hybrid or electric vehicle is preferred by 52% of drivers who wish to purchase a vehicle. As a result, the EV market is expanding faster than expected. The infrastructure for charging EVs must be sufficient to support expanding EV sales. For EV adoption to be effective on a global scale, it is essential to be able to travel and charge everywhere.

Today, most EV charging takes place at home. However, electric vehicles should be able to be driven anywhere without problems, hence a developing need for destination charging. For hotel owners, this offers a significant opportunity.

As more people purchase electric vehicles, they will want and need to recharge at hotels. Soon, having an EV charging station available will be assumed to be normal, just as having Wi-Fi is. In this article, we will talk about the value that EV chargers can bring to a hotel. Additionally, we will also discuss the current charging facilities offered by hotels in London and Surrey.

Benefits of Having EV Charging Solutions in Hotels

Whether premium, luxurious, or budget-friendly, owners of hotels are constantly seeking ways to enhance the visitor experience. Building EV charging stations is one way to achieve this. There has been a rise in the need for locations to charge EVs due to the rise in the popularity of these vehicles.

Hotel owners are starting to pay attention, and if you are in the hospitality industry, you might have spotted EV charging stations sprouting up all over your city, potentially even in the parking lot of one of your rivals. EV charging benefits more than just your regular customers. If your business is next to a busy road or in a popular region, you will soon witness an increase in visitors.

Not to mention that your visitors will be more inclined to hire an electric automobile in the future as the digitalisation of rental fleets increases. They can only be accommodated by hotels that have electric vehicle charging stations.

In Surrey and London, several establishments are planning to add EV charging stations to their car parks. This is partly because both these cities are excellent tourist destinations, and hotels in these areas are constantly full, especially during the holiday season. Having EV charging stations just improves and increases the profitability of everything. Here are a few specific advantages of adding EV charging stations to your hotel.

1.   Make Your Hotel More Visible

Having EV Charging options might increase your hotel’s visibility to people using EVs. There are numerous applications and online maps to locate charging outlets for electric automobiles. For this purpose, hotels and other lodgings for travellers should also be able to offer this service. These maps are essential for every EV owner because they are straightforward, easy to use, and quick.

They enable users to quickly find the most convenient locations for charging their vehicles. It is crucial that these drivers can see your hotel. When you have an EV charging, owners of electric vehicles might come to your establishment to charge their vehicles. They don’t necessarily have to be staying in your hotel to avail of the charging facility. You can offer it to all customers. As a result, when EV drivers come to your facility, they might learn about your services. Thus, having an EV charging station will increase your hotel’s exposure.

2.   Increased Customer Satisfaction

In recent times, the travel industry has grown significantly more intricate. Travellers are becoming more demanding and seek services that are adaptable and tailored to their needs. Additionally, because of the internet, tourists are better informed and aware of the various possibilities. As a result, they can decide in advance if a hotel or vacation resort will suit their taste.

Your visitors can charge their cars while staying if they have access to EV charging points. They will be able to travel farther and discover more of the neighbourhood around your hotel. They’ll have a better experience and will be more inclined to recommend your hotel.

Finding locations to charge their vehicles is a worry for many EV drivers, so having quick and dependable charging choices would likely be gratefully received by them. Additionally, offering EV charging points can demonstrate to customers that you’re up-to-date on technology and want to give them the finest possible experience. These added amenities are the deciding factor that drives tourists to select a certain lodging option or location.

3.   Sustainability

Providing EV charging stations has the added benefit of enhancing your hotel’s sustainability initiatives. You can reduce your hotel’s environmental effects by promoting the usage of electric vehicles, which have no emissions. Guests that care about the environment are likely to enjoy this, and it can assist you in drawing new clients searching for eco-friendly lodging options.

For example, our Easee OLEV-approved charger is an excellent product created and produced in Norway. It weighs only 1.5 kg and may be linked to a single-phase or three-phase power source that has a maximum output of 22 KW.

Up to three such robots can use a single power source, charging many cars simultaneously without overwhelming the power source and resulting in significant energy savings. The units regularly update the chargers, which actively distribute the power supply among automobiles and are linked via a wireless 4G phone signal.

EV Charging Hotel Facilities in London and Surrey

London is a unique city with many features. There are centuries of history hidden around every turn. Every structure appears to be winking enigmatically at you and beckoning you to learn more about it. A car is frequently the most practical method to get to London if you want to spend as much time as possible seeing the city with your friends or loved ones.

The majority of the UK’s 20,000 EV charging stations are found in London, and 107 of them are in hotels and housing facilities. Large, well-known hotel chains, including Premier Inn, Hilton, Marrion, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Ibis, and Novolet, work hard to satisfy all of their customers’ needs, including those for EV charging stations. They also make sure that their tourists have the best time possible while they are there.

Baglioni Hotel London, St Martins Lane London, London Hilton, Sofitel London St James, and Megaro Hotel are just a few of the hotels equipped with EV charging facilities. In Surrey, EV chargers are available at the Oxford Hotel Earl’s Court, Windsor Guest House, Nadler Kensington, Presidential Apartments – Kensington, and Fox and Grapes.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, setting up EV charging stations at your hotel might be a great way to draw and accommodate visitors who drive EVs. However, before purchasing, it’s crucial to carefully weigh all expenses and installation factors. This will help you determine whether adding electric vehicle charging stations to your business is profitable.

If you need someone to install EV chargers, get in touch with the experts at Elite Vehicle Chargers. We are the go-to firm for electric car chargers in residences and commercial buildings in the Thames Valley and London.

We take delight in having installed more than 1,000 vehicle chargers. We can assist you if you are a hotel owner wishing to install chargers at your location.

We specialise in fitting Tesla, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover (JLS), Audi, BMW, and Porsche car chargers. We provide chargers from different manufacturers. Easee chargers are currently the most popular solution on our website. They boast RFID support, allowing you to lock energy per user.

Our charging methods for lodging establishments are incredibly straightforward. We create, set up, and manage customised charging systems. Our chargers are extremely easy to use and run, and we offer assistance with grant funding applications. Visit our website to get a quote today!