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EV Charging for Commercial Properties and Blocks of Residential Flats

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EV Charging for Commercial Properties and Blocks of Residential Flats

With the upcoming expansion of the London ULEZ scheme we are seeing a large uptake of people buying EV cars in 2023 all hoping to avoid the £12.50 daily ULEZ charge. Whilst many people are installing EV chargers in their homes as the cheapest and most convenient way of charging their cars.

By contrast, installing larger quantities of chargers for commercial use or multiple residential use is much more problematic. In fact, it’s a bit of a minefield. It can be complex to understand it involves lots of project management and technical experience to provide a tailor made solution.

We are here to help though with nearly eight years of EV charging experience with Tesla and now having provided several large EV commercial and residential installations. We have the knowledge the access to the best integrated charging solutions as well as Government funded grants to help you create your own EV charging network.

Our Process


Provide a free on-site feasibility study and budget quote for your project whether you are a property manger,  business owner or resident who needs to install multiple EV chargers.


Access to Government funded OZEV grants, which can include infrastructure grants as well as charger grants.


Project management of new power supplies with electricity network operators such as UK Power Networks.


Access to groundwork teams to provide trenching and ducting for any new cabling, all arranged in house by ourselves, so you don’t have the worry of coordinating multiple skill sets.


In house EV charging electricians who have the technical experience to install the best EV chargers designed to charge any car.


Access to EV charging digital platforms that will allow you to take payment each time anyone uses one of your car chargers. This is done completely autonomously, ensuring the money is collected to cover the cost of the energy provided. You can even set the chargers to make a profit if you wish.


If your power supply is limited, we offer a dynamic load balancing system which will allow you to provide the maximum EV charging at your property without fear you may over load the power supply.

If we can help, give us a call, we operate across Surrey, West London and all commercial properties around Heathrow Airport.

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OZEV Grants

Elite Vehicle Chargers provide top quality service and installation of home and workplace electric vehicle charging points to discerning customers looking to utilise the OLEV/OZEV grant or Workplace Charging Schemes.

Each best-in-class charger is installed quickly and efficiently by one of our directly employed and supplier approved engineers.


Step 1

Fill out our quick and easy grant checker!


Step 2

Confirm Eligibility & Book A Free Site Survey.


Step 3

Our qualified EVC engineer will visit you to complete a Free site survey at the installation property.