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New Goverment Grant for Schools

The UK Government have recently announced the expansion of the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) which further benefits state-funded schools, nurseries and academies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

£2500 per socket – Up to 40 Sockets
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As technology and customer interest advance, the electric car landscape is rapidly changing. Several more EVs will be driving on the roads in the upcoming years. There are currently roughly 477,770 electric automobiles on the roads of the United Kingdom, where sales of electric vehicles have risen in recent years.
Many educational institutions in London and Surrey are working to install electric vehicle charging stations on campus in response to this trend. In schools and colleges, where many students and faculty members commute in their own personal vehicles, EV chargers can be helpful to staff members and students in a variety of ways and are becoming more and more crucial.

Elite Vehicle Chargers | Schools and Colleges

Why choose Elite Vehicle Chargers?

We provide a worry free, bespoke service

We carry out a comprehensive site survey

We discuss the process with you in person, face to face

We check the safety of the power supply

We provide you with a fixed quote

We discuss the range of charging options that are right for you

Benefits of Electric Vehicles at Schools & Colleges

Eligibility for Financial Incentives

By putting in EV charging stations, schools can make money that they can utilize to fund other educational endeavors.

To lower the initial startup costs, public schools might ask the government for incentives and subsidies.

Convenience For Students, Staff Members, and Visitors

The convenience with which your staff, students, and visitors can charge their cars is one of the key benefits of having EV chargers at your school.

The range of EVs is a significant area of concern. The term “range” describes how far an EV can go on a single charge.

Attracting Students and Educators

The core of a college or university is made up of its faculty and students.

Candidates take into account all aspects of a facility, such as workplace comforts and environmental initiatives. This crucial factor includes charging stations.

The EV Charger Home Installation Process for Home

Our process is simple and designed around our customers, making the home EV chargers installation process quick and easy and getting your installation done in 5 simple steps

Elite Vehicle Chargers | Schools and Colleges

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Elite Vehicle Chargers | Schools and Colleges

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Elite Vehicle Chargers | Schools and Colleges

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Elite Vehicle Chargers | Schools and Colleges

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quickest charger on the market to charge my new car?
All car chargers charge at the same rate, on average most cars charge at a speed of 25miles 
per hour of charge. 
If a buy a 11KW or 22KW home or office charger, can I charge quicker than normal?
Most houses in the UK have a single-phase power supplyTo access these 
higher charging speeds, you will need to have a three-phase power supply in 
your house. Unless you have a relatively large house you will probably not 
have a three-phase supply, so you will be limited to installing a 7.4KW car 
How much does it cost to charge my car at home?

If you were charging a car from empty to full and the range on the car is 250 miles. At a new average unit cost of electricity (October 2022) of £0.35 per unit. It will cost £25.90 to fuel a car for 250 miles.

Why is my car less efficient in the winter?

During the winter months the EV batteries range is often reduced. This is primarily caused by a combination of factors the first being EV batteries do not respond well to cold weather. Add to that the car heater or air conditioning are on too, the range is consequently, severely affected. You will see in very cold weather the cars range is reduced by anything up to 40%.

When I am buying an EV car what should I check to ensure I get fast charging.

A) Most cars now use a CCS Type 2 charger port. Essentially this is a piggy back system that allows home charging from an AC power supply at home but also allows rapid DC charging from motorway service stations. We would recommend you check that you can charge your new car using a CCS connector.

B) If you have a three-phase supply at home, you will want to use the faster charging ability.
However, if the car’s on board (charger/ inverter) is only 7.4 KW you will not be able to access the faster charging speeds. It’s very important to check that the car you purchase has the correct on-board charger, which suits your power supply at home or at work.

Should I choose a tethered or untethered car charger?

Ultimately this is a personal choice, untethered chargers do not have a large bulky cable attached permanently to the charger. So, if you want the car charger looking as discreet as possible or you have concerns with vandalism or theft, the untethered version should be right for you. By contrast the tethered charger is more convenient to use, and saves the hassle of using a separate charger lead.

Who should I use to install my charger?

We obviously would suggest you use Elite Vehicle Chargers but why is that? Whilst there are some very good charger installers there are equally some appalling companies out in the EV market, that we come across daily. Most of the bad examples are from the dealer or utility company incentive deals. In most cases these companies us sub-contractors who are on a very tight budget and as a result the installations are rushed, poorly installed and sometimes dangerous. Most don’t bother with a pre install survey and rely on a customer to supply a few pictures. Even If you don’t choose us, make sure you check that the electrician you choose is qualified specifically to install car chargers, has carried out a free survey and then check their reviews before you have a charger installed.

<br /> OZEV Grants

OZEV Grants

Elite Vehicle Car Chargers UK provides top-quality service and installation of home and workplace electric vehicle charging points to discerning customers looking to utilize the OLEV/OZEV grant or Workplace Charging Schemes.

Each best-in-class home EV charger is installed quickly and efficiently by one of our directly employed and supplier-approved engineers.


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